The challenges facing small, medium and micro enterprises or SMMEs, in South Africa, and the extent to which these inhibit development of SMMEs are profound.

According to research conducted by the Global Enterprise Monitor in 2003, SMME development and activity in South Africa lags behind that in many developing countries.

The government and the private sector have identified a sustainable SMME sector as key to stimulating economic growth and transformation in our country. It is for this reason that various initiatives have been launched with the aim of alleviating challenges faced by SMMEs as well as accelerating their development.

This is the context within which the SMME Forum has been convened.

The South African SMME Forum is an independent, public benefit organisation dedicated primarily to accelerating sustainable enterprise development for SMMEs in South Africa. The Forum aims to contribute towards a coherent and efficient SMME development strategy in collab-oration with like-minded public and private sector organisations.